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From the Pastors - Coronavirus Ministry Plan 3/18-3/31

Coronavirus Ministry Plan 3/18-3/31

Posted by Matthea Haecker on

In light of the recommendations and restrictions placed on public gatherings, as well as a desire to still follow and obey Christ, here is our First Baptist Ministry Plan for at least the next few weeks:

  1. Sunday mornings
  • No Corporate worship gatherings at First Baptist at least through the end of March
  • Will move to House church model of groups no more than 10
    • Groups will meet at 10:20 a.m. to watch sermon, pray, care for one another, and maybe even sing together
  • Sermons will be uploaded online ( for all who are homebound in this season
  • Contact:
    • If you are interested in hosting a house church gathering OR desire to attend one, please contact Pastor Matt at or by text at 563-554-3140 with your contact info and how many from your family would be gathering
  1. Small Groups and Teams
  • No Wednesday night groups, meals, choir, or praise team practices until further notice
  • The church facility will be available to small groups to grow , service teams to coordinate efforts, or families wanting to use the gym so long as your gathering is 10 or less
  • Elders will provide sermon questions for mealtime or devotional discussions in order to continue growth in our kids, youth, and those who are homebound
  • Contact:
    • If you desire to reserve a time slot for your group, team, or family to use the facility please contact Barb or Carolyn at or 563-263-5305
  1. Events
  • The following events have been cancelled due to gathering restrictions: Prayer Gathering and 5th Sunday Celebration on March 29th, youth activity on the 28th
  • Future events, such as the Bike Blessing, will be addressed as we receive further updates
  1. Meeting Needs
  • If you have any needs in this season (someone to run errands, food, money to pay bills, childcare, etc.) we would love to pray for you and to help meet that need the best we possibly can.
  • Contact:
    • If you have a need, please contact Barb or Carolyn at or 563-263-5305
  1. Giving
  • If you desire to give towards meeting this needs or want to continue your faithfulness in tithing, you can either mail your gift to the church office (3003 Mulberry Ave.), or drop it off during regular office hours (Mon.-Fri. 9:00-3:30 p.m.)
  1. Living in Light of the Gospel
  • We want to be a church that is living in light of the gospel, even in hard times, so here are several ways we are encouraging you to do that:
    • Pray for the world, those afflicted, doctors and nurses, the gospel to be advanced, the needs of our church family to be addressed, wisdom for those making decisions, etc.
    • Host a fellow church member or neighbor into your home for a meal this week
    • Connect in with an elderly member to care for them
    • Run errands for those who are homebound
    • Offer up childcare for working families who have kids home from school
    • Write care notes to our members in nursing homes and assisted living facilities
    • Deliver food to hospital and medical staff
    • Provide transportation to Cedar Hills and Cedar Parks kids to the services offering up noon lunches
    • Share Christ with neighbors and those who are living in fear and anxiety
  • Contact:
    • If you are willing to serve in these ways as needs come up, or would like to coordinate a team to serve in these ways, please contact Barb or Carolyn at or 563-263-5305

In summary, we are excited for the opportunity ahead of us, church. To be the body of Christ to one another as we continue to gather in small groups, as discipleship is done in the homes, as we meet the needs of one another as they are shared, to pray for each other, as we give to those in need, and as we share Christ with the lost. God has saved us, equipped us, and blessed us for such a time as this. Let’s go be the church that he has called us to be, in his power, and in his love!

In Christ's Love,
FBC Elder Team