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From the Pastors - Elder Update

Elder Update

Posted by Matthea Haecker on

Celebrate With Us:

We enjoyed a great month of God working in our church this past month!  We had four people trust in Christ at this year’s Bike Blessing.  In addition, we were greatly encouraged at all of our church members who were “Sent Out” that week to make disciples.  We also sent out Emma Maynard to serve on a mission trip in Thailand as she and her team seek to advance the gospel there.  Finally, thus far we have had a successful launch of our new Kids Church Curriculum, as we seek to make disciples of our kids through this ministry. 

Partner With Us:

As we move into June, we invite you to partner with us in the following ways.  First, we invite you to serve on our Bible Club Team.  In an to effort to make disciples of our FBC kids, as well as reach other kids here in Muscatine, we will be hosting our Bible Club ministry from June 20th-24th (Sun.-Thurs.). 

Our prayer is that you would partner with us in two ways.  First, be an inviter.  Invite your kids, your grandkids, your kids’ friends, your neighbor’s kids, etc.  They NEED to know about Jesus! Secondly, be a volunteer.  This can be as simple as helping set-up or check kids in, it can be a medium commitment of assisting with crafts or games, or it can be a larger commitment of leading an age-group or taking the lead on crafts or games.  We NEED you!   

In addition, we continue to invite you to partner with us to take the next step in becoming a disciple of Jesus this year.  Whether that means growing as a disciple as you follow a more mature believer in our church, or you taking the step to disciple some else, inviting them to follow you as you follow Christ.  We are confident in the Scriptures that this is a step of obedience for each true follower of Jesus, and we are going to continue to encourage you to take that step.

Pray With Us:  

We continue to invite you to pray for our church’s next steps in our vision.  We will be launching our vision series in July, and we invite you to begin praying already for passion and unity as we seek to follow where the Lord is leading First Baptist.  Secondly, we invite you to pray for this year’s Bible Club.  Pray for volunteers to joyfully serve Jesus in these various roles, pray for faithfulness for us to regularly share the gospel, and pray kids to be saved and grow in Christ!   

I’m looking forward to this month, First Baptist, and I pray you are as well!  

Pastor Matt on behalf of the First Baptist Elder Team