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From the Pastors - Elder Update

Elder Update

Posted by Matthea Haecker on



Celebrate With Us:

In October we were able to celebrate two clear evidences of God’s goodness to our church.  First, we were able to work together over these last several months to fill 250 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!  Praise God for his generosity at work in you, for your prayer support, and for the time you invested to pack these shoeboxes, church!  Secondly, the Lord provided two great Deacon candidates for the areas of Christian Education and Facilities in Becky Stogdill and Kelly Harris, respectively.  We know we will be blessed by the humble, faithful service of these two! 

Partner With Us:

As we enter November and even into December the main way we are inviting you to partner with us is by continuing to love one another.  The Bible invites us to do this by encouraging one another, serving one another, forgive one another, welcome one another, bear one another’s burdens, etc.  Therefore, if you are gathering with us, write a postcard to encourage those worshiping from the Balcony.  If you are worshiping from the Balcony, encourage those who are gathering in person with a text or note.  If someone is absent from your small groups reach out to them and let them know you are thinking of them.  If someone is lonely or grieving, invite them over for a meal.  If someone is moving or in need of a hand, serve them.  Let’s show we are truly disciples of Jesus as we love one another (Jn. 13:35).

Pray With Us:    

For the month of November, we are inviting you to pray in three specific ways.  First, continue to pray for peace and unity in our church when there is great disunity in the world due to Covid, elections, injustice, and sin in general.  Pray that we would remain united in Christ as one body.  Secondly, be praying for discernment, wisdom, and courage as we continue to follow the Lord and take steps towards becoming a church that is living in light of the gospel.  Finally, be in prayer that God would use our church this Christmas season to tell others about the good news of great joy in Christ’s birth.  We will share with you ways you can partner with us in that mission in December, but for now be in prayer for God to soften hearts of those we know and love to receive this good news. 

Have a blessed month, First Baptist! 

Pastor Matt on behalf of the First Baptist Elder Team