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From the Pastors - Elder Update

Elder Update

Posted by Matthea Haecker on


Celebrate With Us: 

God continues to be good to our Church, as here are a few praises we have been able to celebrate.  First, we continue to have had a successful re-opening of our church, as many of you have stepped up to help lead our church in worship or help care for those worshiping in the Balcony.  Secondly, we have had several of our groups continue to meet throughout this summer, and have witnessed several of our  members continue to grow in Christ through these groups.  Thirdly, we have had a great initial response to our first few weeks of our “Building God’s Kingdom” series in Haggai.  Finally, the Lord continues to bring first time guests who are connecting in with our church, even in this season. 

Partner With Us: 

Each one of us has been called by Jesus to follow Him, to joyfully go make disciples.  This is what you were created to do!  Which is why we are continuing to invite you to partner with us in accomplishing our God-given mission.  The challenge before us is we need every single one of you to get involved in order to do that!    We are most effective as a church, growing and loving others, when, “Each part does it’s work” (Ephesians 4:16).  Therefore, would you please honor Christ with your life by serving on one of our ministry teams?  Lead a small group, love on our kids in the Nursery, care for our shut-ins or those grieving a loved one, play an instrument on the Praise Team Band, pack some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, help maintain our facility, welcome new guests on Sunday morning, promote ministries and events on social media, etc..  There are numerous ways to serve Jesus and His mission here at First Baptist.  Serve on a Team and let’s go accomplish the mission He has for us! 

Pray With Us:    

For the month of August we are encouraging you to pray with us for three things: unity, servant hearts, and wisdom. Pray that the Spirit would continue to keep our church united as one family in this challenging season. Pray for the Spirit to work in each member of our church to serve on a Team here at First Baptist.  Finally, pray for God’s wisdom as we finalize plans for this upcoming Fall, particularly as we re-launch the rest of our small groups and kids ministries.  

May the Lord continue to show His grace and His goodness to us all!

Pastor Matt on behalf of the First Baptist Elder Team