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From the Pastors - Finding Jesus in Jeremiah

Finding Jesus in Jeremiah

Posted by Matthea Haecker on

Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet who spoke God’s words of warning and judgment to His people, particularly the kings and people of Judah. As was the case with most of the prophets God sent, their words of warning and judgment were not well received, and in chapter 26 we find Jeremiah on trial facing death.

While on trial, Jeremiah again warns the priests, the prophets, and the people to “mend your ways and your deeds, and obey the voice of the Lord your God,” so that the Lord would “relent the disaster that he has pronounced on you” (26:13).

That would seem to only incite their anger and further their justification for having Jeremiah killed (even though He was innocent in the first place). However, the Lord caused the people and the officials to beg the priest and prophets to spare Jeremiah from death, and they agreed to do just that (vv. 16-24).

How does that story help point us to Jesus? Several hundred years later, God would send another messenger to Earth, this time His only Son, Jesus. He would likewise speak God’s Words to the people. These included warnings about God’s future judgment of sin (Matthew 7:24-27, 13:24-30, 18:23-35, 21:33-41). But they also included calls to repentance and reminders of God’s love and forgiveness for those who turned back to the Father (Mark 1:15, Luke 5:31-32).

While there were some who listened to Jesus’ message and followed Him, the Jewish leaders rejected it, and had Jesus put on trial, just like Jeremiah. And one would think that if God spared Jeremiah’s life because He was innocent of the charged crimes, than surely He would also spare the life of His own Son. A Son who not only was innocent of all the charges brought against him, but innocent of any charge of sin anyone could ever bring against Him.

Yet, it was the will of God to not spare Jesus’ innocent life, but to have Him put to death (Acts 2:23, 4:27-28, Isaiah 53:10). Why? So that our sins could be forgiven (Isaiah 53:5-12). That’s right. It was God’s desire to hand Jesus over to be crucified, so that he could die for all of us who have rejected and turned away from the message of God. And by putting our faith in Jesus, he takes on our sin, while clothing us in His innocence. What a Savior! What a loving Father!

Therefore, as we read all of God’s Words through Jeremiah to obey and follow His commandments, my prayer is that we would hear them and follow God once again. But first, I pray that we would remember that even we rebelled against God’s Word, He loved us enough to not spare His own Son, but rather give Christ up for us (Romans 8:32). May we rejoice in that good news this month!

In Christ’s Love,