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First Baptist Church

Youth Groups

Our Middle School and High School groups are where your youth takes the next step in their faith to "Grow in Christ." Because we believe Scripture is clear that parents are to be the primary disciple-makers of their children, our desire is to partner with you to help your youth become disciples of Jesus through the following groups.  

Wednesday Youth Groups

Our Middle School and High School groups gather the 2nd-5th Wednesdays of the month to journey to work through the Faithweaver curriculum.   Similar to the kids, this teaches the storyline of the Bible over a three-year period, but with application geared towards youth.  Group times include a time of worship, the week's Bible story, activities to reinforce the main lesson, and game time in the gym.  Our youth are also sent home with a summary of the week's Bible story and family devotions to help reinforce the lesson, enabling parents to continue the discipleship process throughout the week.  

If you are desiring for your youth to grow in a group, please contact Jacque at  

Wednesday Outreach Teams

The first Wednesday of each month, our youth are with their parents, learning how to serve and reach others on an outreach team.  We believe serving on these teams helps our youth begin their journey of helping others live in light of the gospel.  


In addition to our groups and teams, our Middle School and High school students engage in a monthly activity to build community and help reach their friends with the gospel.  Here are the activities coming up:


Summer is finally here!  With the warmer weather and the break from school, I'm sure we are all looking forward to everything summer has to offer. We want to take a special moment to welcome those transitioning from 5th grade into our youth group, and invite you to join in all the activities this summer.

We have a few activities planned for the youth group this summer.  I hope to see everyone at each of these events.  We also have a different type of fundraiser planned to fulfill our financial responsibility for Compassion Sponsorships. This summer we will raise the balance of the funds needed by working on big projects at the church.



July 19, we will have a Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Youth should bring a friend and a phone (or other object capable of taking digital photos).  We will send teams out with adult drivers and return to the church for ice cream before heading home at 5:00.  More information will be available in July.


August 16 will be our Farewell to Summer event at the Stogdill's starting at 3:00.  We will plan to swim and grill before our parent planning meeting at 6:00. This is the very best time to bring your friends to a youth activity!  Start thinking of those who do not attend a youth group so we can reach those needing Jesus!  We want them to see the Light of the Gospel living in each of us and come to our study time next fall.

If anyone has any other church service they would like to do, please contact Jim Stogdill at 563-299-8082.  There are many large projects needing to be done in the church. Some things already being done by our youth are mowing, and carpet cleaning, but many other projects are waiting for you.