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Ministering Together - June Ministering Together Update

June Ministering Together Update

Posted by WMF Board on

We are continuing to collect items for our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes throughout the year. In the summer, it seems that Christmas is very far away, but hopefully by shopping all year long we can have more items ready to send when we pack our boxes this Fall. We have not collected many toy items yet, so for June, our "item of the month" will continue to be small toys and balls. While you are out shopping, look for good deals on items that would "wow" a child who does not have many toys. Think of things like a soccer ball (that can be deflated and packed with a pump), a small baby doll, small preschool toys for our 2-4 year old boxes, bags of marbles for older children, summer toys, sidewalk chalk, and any other items that may catch your eye while you are out shopping. Please bring any items you buy and drop them into one of the large boxes in the hallways with the Operation Christmas Child logo on them.

Also, we are hoping to have some sewing or crafting days this summer to make items for our boxes such as marble bags, small purses, craft and sewing kits, so look for these dates in your bulletin and on our Facebook and web pages!

Serving Him,
Jan Hoffman