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First Baptist Church

Small Groups


Groups are where we seek to accomplish our core commitment to "Grow in Christ."  Each of our adult groups spend time growing in their relationship with Jesus as well as caring for one another.  Here at First Baptist we have three different kinds of groups, each designed to meet you at your current maturity level and take the next step to grow in Christ.  

Grow Groups

These are groups of 10-15 adults who meet the 2nd-4th Wednesdays of the month to grow in the basics of the Christian faith.  Areas covered include a clear understanding of the gospel, our identity in Christ, spiritual disciplines, basic theology, and living on mission.  These small groups include a time of study, discussion, and caring for one another in prayer.  Once individuals establish a solid foundation in these areas, they move into send groups.  

Send Groups

These are groups of 10-15 adults who meet the 2nd-4th Wednesdays of the month to focus on two things: learning how to make disciples and receiving training in a specific area of ministry.  In Phase I of these groups, members will receive weekly disciple-making training, while also working to reach the community with the gospel in various ways.  In Phase II, our send groups will include ministry training in an area of fit for our members.  Group times will also consist of caring and praying for one another.  Once individuals are trained on how to make disciples, they begin investing in others, joining a life group for support.  

Life Groups

These are groups of 5-8 adults who meet regularly to continue to grow in Christ together.  Each of these group members are actively making disciples, either out in the community or through the various ministries at First Baptist, and are then coming together to support and encourage one another in ministry.  

If you are desiring to grow in a group or have any questions, please contact