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Outreach Teams

Teams are where we seek to accomplish our core commitment to "Send Disciples."  The first Wednesday of every month we send our church out on to various groups here in Muscatine.  These teams consist of adults, youth, and kids all working together to serve and reach others with the gospel. We encourage you to serve on a team, taking the next step to be a sent disciple.

Cedar Hills Team

This team is seeking to reach the residents of Cedar Hills and Cedar Parks apartments with the gospel.  They will primarily work to reach the residents through a monthly gathering involving sharing the gospel, collecting and meeting needs, community resource presentations, and family activities with gospel messages.  

The Village Team

This team is desiring to reach the residents of The Village, assisted living apartments, with the gospel.  They seek to accomplish this through a monthly Bible Study involving singing, prayer, and a short teaching time.  This team will also seek to reach the residents through occasional events, Christian book discussions, small repair work, an assisting with errands.

Mulberry Team

This team is seeking to reach staff, kids, and parents of Mulberrry Elementary with the gospel.  They will be reaching out to Mulberry primarily through a monthly after-school Kids Club involving school-related activities, devotions, and games.  In addition, the team will be volunteering in the classrooms, supporting school events, and hosting a large social event for parents, kids, and staff. 

Guest and Care Team 

This team is desiring to reach out to and care for new guests, disengaged members, absentees, and those in need.  Through postcards, phone calls, and personal contact they will be following up with new guests, encouraging deeper member engagement, pursuing absentees, and caring for those in a season of need.   

If you are interested in serving on any of these teams, please contact Brian at