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Elder Update

Posted by Matthea Haecker on


Celebrate With Us:

We are in week #6 of our gathering restrictions as I write this update. This season has been challenging for all of us, but also for many different reasons. Yet, as I look back on evidences of God’s grace in this season, I still find many reasons to celebrate.   First, for His provision of technology and those in our church who are serving to record, edit, and share our sermons, worship, and announcements each week. Secondly, for God’s love at work in caring members who continue to call, check-in, encourage, color pictures, and follow up with people and the needs that have been shared. Thirdly, for the Lord’s steadfastness at work in us to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and share that good news with others. And finally, for the hope that we continue to have in our future salvation, because of what God has done for us.

Partner With Us:

Since not a whole lot has changed from last month’s update till now, we are encouraging you to partner with us in many of the same ways. First, let us continue to worship in this season, even when it is different or even awkward. If you are able, gather together with one of our Home Churches. If you are unable, worship in your home by watching the sermons posted online or contacting the church office so we can send you a CD recording of the service. Secondly, let us continue to grow in this season. Spend some of your extra time in God’s Word, devote yourself to prayer, and spend time discussing the study questions for the sermons. Finally, partner with us by continuing to serve and make disciples. Reach out to call and care for fellow church members, send encouraging notes to our shut-ins, invite your neighbors over for a meal, and always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have!

Pray With Us:    

In this season, we are continuing to invite you to pray in several ways. First, pray that the Lord’s will would be continued to be done in this season, that He would work all things out for good in this season of suffering. Pray for the faithfulness of churches in this time to continue to worship, grow, and be sent out to make disciples. Pray for our church to continue to live in light of the gospel in whatever ways we are able to. Continue to pray for the salvation of many in this time, not just here in Muscatine, but all around the world as this virus afflicts many parts of the world. Pray for our leaders, both in government positions and in churches, to make wise decisions and lead humbly as we display our trust in God, particularly as gathering restrictions start to be lifted. Pray for God’s victory over this virus and for his sustaining grace while we yearn for that day. Pray for our health workers while they are on the front lines. Pray for those inflicted with this virus, and for continued protection for those who would be most vulnerable to it. Pray for comfort for those who have already lost loved ones. Finally, pray for our trust in God’s continue provision, despite the financial uncertainties we are facing.

We love you all. We shed tears weekly as we pray for you and lament not seeing you. But we also rejoice knowing that we serve a God whose promises will never fail for any of us!

First Baptist Elder Team