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Elder Update

Posted by Matthea Haecker on


Celebrate With Us:

The snow and ice did not keep the Lord from continuing to pour out his grace upon our church in January.  Here are a few of the many reasons we are giving thanks in this season.  We witnessed the launch of Faithful Men on Saturday mornings, a ministry aimed at helping men love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.  God continues to bring an influx of new guests, many of whom live in the Cedar Hills apartments, a focus of one of our Outreach Teams.  We re-purposed our old financial office and meeting room into a ministry resource room, which has information on all of our ministries at church, as well as recommended resources to help you grow in Christ.  Finally, we saw God work in several of our members to help meet needs among our body, including snow removal for some elderly members and moving help for Marc and Angie Wallace.    

Partner With Us:

Back at our Vision Sermon on January 19th, we shared with you several ways that you could partner with us in this season of revitalization, all of which we see in some form in Acts 2:42-47.  First, we encourage you to Worship God by devoting yourself to prayer, God’s Word (Bible Reading Plan), and our Sunday worship gatherings.  Secondly, we encourage you to Grow in Christ.  The next step for you could be committing to a small group here at church, investing in your family’s spiritual growth in your home, or by inviting a church member into your home for a meal in order to care for them.  Finally, we encourage you to Go Make Disciples, either by serving and inviting your neighbor or co-worker over for a meal, or by serving on an Outreach Team that is seeking to reach our community.  We are praying, that the Spirit would work in each of you to live in light of the gospel in one or more of these ways in this season!


Pray With Us:

Over the course of the next month we invite you to join our Elders in prayer for God to work in several ways.  First, be praying that our church members and regular attenders would joyfully take some of the steps listed above to live in light of the gospel. Secondly, continue to pray for God's wisdom on behalf of the Elders and His patience among our members as we continue to discern the next steps in this revitalization process.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be in prayer God to save our unsaved regular attenders and guests.  Wouldn't it be such a joy to see one or more of our adults, youth, or kids put their trust in Christ this next month?  Let's pray towards that end! In Christ's Love

First Baptist Elder Team